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How We Teach English

Our English Tuition in Wandsworth commences with an initial English assessment by a qualified teacher.  We can identify areas of strength and weakness in reading, spelling and comprehension and advise you accordingly.

An individual English tuition programme will be created just for your child and will form the basis of  their English tuition each week. We will focus on the key areas that need to be improved to be able to move on at a pace that suits your child’s learning needs.

Primary English Tutoring

Good reading and comprehension skills are very important for children, especially by the time they move up to High School. This can have the biggest impact on your child’s future learning in all subjects. Some children take to reading very quickly and love to read books. This should be nurtured wherever possible.

However, many children can be late starters, reluctant to read for fun or have anxiety when they are not the strongest readers. Sometimes, there can be an underlying issue such as Dyslexia, but in most cases this is not the case and our early reading programme or reading intervention programmes can work wonders.

We are renowned for the success we have had with our reading programme.

Prepare for High School

By the time your child moves up to High School, it is important that they have a solid and well rounded basis in all aspects of English.

Our qualified teachers work very closely with students to ensure that they have the knowledge and understanding expected at Year 7 in all aspects of English including grammar, punctuation and comprehension.

We focus on a combination of activities including one to one tuition, computer and written activities in a fun but focussed learning environment. We focus on quality teaching, praise, motivation and building confidence and self-esteem.

Senior English Exam Students

Our senior English students working towards GCSE English exams follow a slightly different programme with more focus on past papers, writing frames, essay writing and study skills. Our qualified secondary English teachers help every student prepare for the big exam to achieve the best result possible.

We have a huge number of resources available to students to ensure that they are covering all the books and poems that they will have been expected to have studied from Years 9, 10 and 11.

We recommend that students looking to improve GCSE grades start with us in at least Year 9 or 10. Of course we do take Year 11 students but you need to keep in mind the time frame that is available once the student has moved into Year 11 in September.