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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kip McGrath tuition so effective?

There are many reasons why Kip McGrath Education Centres stand out. Firstly, we employ only qualified teachers who have professional knowledge and experience of the British education system and curriculum. That means that every student works face-to-face with a trained teacher. Another reason is that an individual programme is designed to meet your child’s identified needs so that, as well as learning new things, their existing skills are further developed. Another real plus is that we create a positive learning environment to boost your child’s confidence. Our teaching methods employ one-to-one instruction.

What is a Kip McGrath Education Centre?

It is a tutoring service designed specifically to meet the needs of students. Every student is taught by a professionally qualified teacher in the areas of Reading, Spelling, English or Mathematics dependent on the child’s age and need. We also offer 11+, GCSE and A-level (Maths) preparation. Each student also benefits from the use of interactive software.

What are the costs involved?

Our fees are currently only £35.00 per 80-minute session (Reception – 11 / GCSE). We are registered with OFSTED so eligible parents may use Working Tax Credits to help with our fees. We also accept Childcare Vouchers. Please ask when you call. Compare this to the cost of a private tutor (which can be up to £60 per hour) and you will see how Kip McGrath offers real value.

How soon can I expect to see an improvement in my child’s education?

Some students may not be very far behind in their studies and only require a “top-up”. Other students may be further behind. No matter what your child’s level, we aim to meet their every educational need from the very beginning. We always encourage each student to perform to their very best of abilities and support them through every step of their learning. Through the Kip McGrath Education Centre we always expect to see improvements in each student.

How long do the lessons run?

Each lesson is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Most students attend for one lesson per week, but occasionally need both Maths and English lessons in the same week. All the lessons are operated on a 49 week basis.

Will Kip McGrath tuition improve school results?

The main reason students attend our centre is to achieve improved school results and we are pleased to report that we deliver those results. For us, it is a real joy to watch a child learn. Our programmes are closely linked to educational needs and our professional teachers are aware of school requirements. These two factors, coupled with our success orientation, result in almost all our students making significantly better progress at school. We never forget that our aim is to give children a brighter future – and bring parents peace of mind.

Why teach in a centre rather than at home?

An education centre provides the best environment in which students can best study. The children also benefit from the presence of other students in a warm and friendly atmosphere, not feeling intimidated or restricted by large classes at school. Moreover, a centre lacks the distractions of a family home.

Who would be teaching my child?

Every teacher at Kip McGrath is fully and professionally qualified and has experience of teaching in schools. Moreover, their skills & enthusiasm enable effective tutoring. Each teacher has a valid certificate from the Criminal Records Bureau. In today’s society, where private tuition is currently unregulated by government/DfES, you can rest assured that your child is receiving the very best in professional tuition at Kip McGrath.

How does working tax credits work?

We are registered with OFSTED and parents who are eligible for working tax credits may use them to pay for sessions at the centre. Claims may be backdated three months. Please note that we regularly receive calls from HMRC to validate parent’s claims. We are also registered with childcare voucher administrators and can accept these vouchers in part payment of sessions. Should you be associated with a company not mentioned below, please let us know and we will register with them.

  • Edenred Carer Account Number: P204 34746
  • CGPS Reference Number: CCG9538279
  • Gemelli Carer Account Number: K10309
  • Sodexo Carer Account Number: 805 434
  • RG Child Care – Phone: 0207 313 8016 or Email:

Please phone for more information regarding tax credits / vouchers or visit HMRC website to check on your eligibility.

What do I do next?

​The best thing to do next is to contact us and book your free assessment. Call 0208 871 2412 today or contact us online by clicking below: