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Maths Tuition Wandsworth

How We Teach Maths

For the best Maths Tuition Wandsworth we carry out and initial maths assessment is undertaken by a qualified teacher which can take from 30 to 60 minutes. Your child will be made to feel comfortable and relaxed in a ‘non test’ environment. We can identify any gaps in learning or strengths and weaknesses in maths and advise you accordingly.

An individual learning programme will be created just for your child and will form the basis of our lessons each week. We will focus on the key areas that need to be improved to be able to move on to more difficult maths concepts at a pace that suits your child’s learning needs. A little homework will be provided each week to reinforce the lesson being taught. We encourage parents not to assist your child with this to ensure that we are fully aware of progress being made.

Primary Maths Tutoring

Many children lack confidence, have a fear of maths or think they are just “not good at maths”. Our maths tutors will quickly alleviate any fears and write an individual learning plan for your child that will focus on filling any gaps in learning that may have developed in the early years.

Using a variety of teaching resources, our maths tutors will help each child discover the wonder of maths to enable them to catch up and keep up in the classroom. It is truly amazing to watch our students progress each week and discover that they actually ‘can do maths’ and see their confidence soar.

Prepare for High School

Moving up to High School can be a very traumatic time for many children and the pace that they learn maths does increase significantly. Some children can fail to keep up and fall even further behind.

​By year 8 or earlier, most schools will have chosen a set group for your child. Our maths tutors can provide extra support to help prepare for the level expected in High School and ensure they end up in the right group to fulfil their potential.

Students will work with an appropriately qualified teacher and work on up to six different actvities per session.

Senior Maths Students

Our senior Maths students working towards GCSE maths exams follow a slightly different programme with more focus on past papers and study skills. Our qualified secondary maths teachers will help your teenage child prepare and be ready for important exams.

Mixed Mental Maths

Written Problems

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Arithmetic: +, -, x, /

Timed Mental Arithmetic

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

Time & Money

Algebra & Geometry

Skill Builders




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