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Why Consider Tuition for your Child at Kip McGrath Wandsworth?

  • ​​They are having trouble keeping up in class.
  • They have been placed at tables with other students who are less able or they are in the bottom or lower set of the class.
  • They have difficulty completing class assignments in the allotted time period.​
  • They have difficulty completing homework assignments. No matter how long they spend on homework, it’s neither complete nor accurate. This may indicate a lack of basic skills or a weakness in a specific academic area.
  • They feel that the other students are smarter than they are.
  • When their class is divided into groups, i.e. reading groups, they are consistently in the lowest group.
  • They consistently receive failing or below average grades no matter how hard they seem to be working, whereas before their grades were improving or holding steady.
  • Caught in a cycle of frustration and failure and show an increasing lack of confidence and motivation. The comment frequently heard is “I hate school”.
  • They have lost interest in learning.
  • They experience extreme anxiety before tests and exams.
  • They are reluctant to go to school, fearing failure and criticism from others.
  • Their teacher reports to you that they are acting out and becoming a behaviour problem in their class.​​
  • They say, “I’m too stupid. I’ll never understand this stuff.”